What is Wattpad? If you’re not familiar with Wattpad, it’s time to get acquainted. This popular app is used by millions of people around the world, and it has the potential to be a great resource for your child. Here are five things that Wattpad can do for your child:

1. Develop reading skills

2. Increase vocabulary

3. Improve writing skills

4. Encourage creativity

5. Endanger your child if not protected

Whether your child is an avid reader or just getting started, Wattpad is a great tool to help them develop their love of reading and writing. So check it out and see how it can benefit your child! and also how you can prevent your child from harm using the platform

What Is Wattpad?

Wattpad interface

Wattpad is an online social reading platform community where users can share their works of fiction and read stories written by other writers. It’s an incredibly popular platform, with over 500 million users from around the world. It helps people to express their creativity, connect with readers and other authors, and explore the world of literature in a unique way.

Wattpad is a social community where people can share stories they love. It’s free to use, and it’s very popular, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Some parents worry that it might not be safe for kids, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s everything you need to know about Wattpad as a parent.

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How Wattpad Started

The Wattpad Story was founded in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, two friends who were looking to create a platform to help writers find an audience. The name of the platform comes from the phrase “watt-hours per pad,” referring to the amount of energy required to power a laptop for one hour.

When it was established in 2006, Wattpad began as a simple mobile reading app featuring free ebooks. Today, this social reading platform has become an international sensation among younger readers – with 90 million monthly users and counting! Gen Zers and Millennials make up the majority of these active visitors to the website; they are provided with stories from amateur writers across 50 distinct languages.

From any corner of the earth, anyone can access their mobile device to be swept away into unique tales, and original stories, anytime and anywhere. That’s exactly why Wattpad is such a global success: because everyone deserves great entertainment no matter where life takes them!

The purpose of Wattpad

The purpose of Wattpad is to provide an online social reading platform for people to share their works of fiction, read stories written by other writers, express their creativity, connect with readers and authors, and explore the world of literature in a unique way.

It’s free to use and has become an internaional sensation among younger readers. Gen Zers and Millennials make up the majority of active visitors to the website; they are provided with stories from amateur writers across 50 distinct languages.

From any corner of the earth, anyone can access Wattpad to be swept away into unique tales and original stories anytime and anywhere.

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What is Wattpad?- Features of the Wattpad App

Many people around the world use Wattpad. Most teenagers and young adults like it. They can read stories on their phones or laptops and share stories they wrote.

1. Share stories they have written e.g Teen Fiction

Wattpad stories include different types from fan fiction, teen fiction, and even sharing your own stories, it’s a platform where many users write original stories and build reading lists

2. Read Wattpad stories written by other writers

There are different Wattpad story range you can read from. Wattpad has created a writing community where avid readers, readers and writers, can read stories and create connections with writers alike.

Some of these written stories have become favourite Wattpad books. With a Wattpad account, young people can get into the writing process, write their own story, and put it out in the Wattpad public domain

3. Connect with readers and authors from around the world

There are so many other users of Wattpad from around the world writing in app stories, these stories show their own side of the world in a unique way, with the different genres Wattpad offers, user generated content can come in different forms once it is tagged accurately other users can find it, read it and also essentially write their own stories too

4. Explore the world of literature in a unique way with Wattpad-paid stories

Unlike other traditional publishing houses whose process of publishing can be so cumbersome, Wattpad now offers a potion of the stories you read to be paid for, either chapter-by-chapter payment or the whole story payment, this encourages users, to produce more quality stories to the 90 million monthly audience users.

5. Express creativity through writing

With the Wattpad free app which you can download from any of your google play accounts, you can write stories with many talking points, and create Wattpad books from your mobile phone.

Writers now have Wattpad at their disposal to write tagged content for all mobile users easy access their creative stories

6. Discover great stories, and fan fiction, both classic and original, in multiple languages

Wattpad stories range is quite wide for wattpad’s mature and young audience. and the great thing is you can save stories and access them in multiple languages, these stories can be read by local users and international readers.

You can be the main character of your story or create your fictional character

7. Receive personalized recommendations for stories based on their reading preferences

Readers can quickly build user profiles, depending on the stories they like to read, you will be recommended to writers who write on that preference.

8. Join reading groups or follow friends to stay up-to-date with what they’re reading

You receive Push notifications and story notifications with the Wattpad app when new stories are released. There is now the creation of Wattpad studios, which creates stories from the Wattpad platform to create entertainment and publishing that is not on a TV or the internet. These stories are doing well and capturing the attention of people all over the world.

9. Create book covers for their own works of fiction or non fiction

Wattpad hosts these books and write-ups and also create the option for you to make the ebook covers making it attractive for your reading audience

10. Participate in special challenges and activities hosted by Wattpad

You can win different virtual gifts through these Wattpad challenges

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What is Wattpad? Dangers Of Wattpad For Kids

Wattpad can be a great place for parents of readers and aspiring authors, but unfortunately, it is also full of inappropriate content that could put children at risk. From Wattpad stories, kids can encounter:

1. Inappropriate Content:

Wattpad is full of explicit and violent stories that may not be suitable for children. Some stories could also contain sexual content and inappropriate language with a reading list that contains new adult stories

2. Identity Theft Risk:

Kids can easily create fake profiles on Wattpad, making it hard to track down malicious activity or content created by them.

3. Cyberbullying and Harassment:

The anonymity offered by the app makes it easy for bullies to harass other users without consequence.

4. Excessive Screen Time:

Spending too much time on Wattpad can lead to health complications such as eye strain and fatigue due to the overuse of digital devices

5. Unmonitored Use:

It’s important for parents to monitor their child’s online activities in order to ensure they are using the platform safely and responsibly

6 . Data Sharing Risk :

Users of Wattpad should beware that some information uploaded via the site may be shared with third parties, possibly leading to identity theft or other unwanted consequences

Educate Your Child on How To Be Safe on Wattpad

1. Explain what Wattpad is and why it can be risky.

2. Teach your child to never share any personal information such as their full name, address, phone number or bank details on Wattpad.

3. Help your child to create a safe username and password they won’t forget, and not give it away to anyone else.

4. Encourage your child not to post any photos or videos of themselves on Wattpad without discussing it with you first.

5. Advise them not to respond if someone messages them asking for personal information or starts an argument online – block the user if necessary but always report the incident straight away so that Wattpad can take appropriate action against them.

6 . Remind your child that anything they post online will remain there forever so think carefully before posting anything which could be offensive or hurtful.

7. Monitor them using the Qustodio app

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Over 4 million parents trust Qustodio’s parental control

How The Qustodio App Makes Wattpad Safe For Your Kids

1. Monitor Online Activities:

Qustodio can monitor your child’s online activities and alert you if they are partaking in any dangerous or inappropriate content shared on Wattpad.

2. Block Dangerous Content:

Qustodio allows parents to block certain websites deemed unhealthy for their children, such as sites containing explicit content or cyberbullying platforms like Wattpad.

3. Limit Screen Time Usage:

With Qustodio, parents have the ability to set time limits for using apps such as Wattpad so that kids don’t spend too much time on them, which could lead to health issues related to the overuse of digital devices.

4. Track Location:

The app also enables parents to track their child’s real-time location so that they know where their kid is at all times and can intervene if necessary should something happen while they’re out with friends or family members who may not be aware of the dangers posed by Wattpad stories and other media shared on the site..

5. Set Age Limits & Alerts For Specific Content-Type :

Parents can create age restrictions for specific types of content within Wattpad, enabling them to protect their children from seeing anything that may be too mature or potentially damaging depending on his/her

Wattpad can be a great platform for kids to explore their creativity and connect with other like-minded people, but parents must take the necessary precautions to ensure that their children are using it safely.

By educating your child on what Wattpad is and why it’s risky, setting age limits and alerts for specific content types, monitoring online activities with the Qustodio app, blocking dangerous and explicit content, limiting screen time usage as well as tracking location in real-time – you will make sure your kid remains safe from any physical abuse or publicly displayed inappropriate material while exploring this amazing go-to place on Wattpad.

Here is why you can choose Qustodio

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