Here we look at different Tailwind user reviews and Tailwind prices. Tailwind is an online marketing software created for busy entrepreneurs and marketers who want to save time on social media tasks.

The program offers a suite of tools to help you manage, optimize, and automate your campaigns.

It also provides insights into user engagement with your content so that you can make more informed decisions about how to reach your target audience

Tailwind provides a free version that integrates with Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. This allows users to quickly and easily schedule posts, manage campaigns and gain insights into engagement on their content. The free version also includes hashtag suggestions and research and performance tracking features.

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Over 1 million people trust Tailwind as their Social Media Management Tool

The paid version of Tailwind comes with additional features, such as the ability to add multiple accounts and collaborate with team members. It also boasts powerful analytics, including audience segmentation and post-performance analysis. Additionally, it has the ability to promote content on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads automatically.

This article covers everything Tailwind offers, from its free features to its paid ones. It explains how Tailwind can help marketers save time in social media tasks by automating processes like scheduling posts and analyzing engagement.

It also dives into the analytics available in the paid version of Tailwind, making it easier for users to better understand their target audiences. Overall, this article provides a comprehensive overview of all that Tailwind has to offer its users!

Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

What Is Tailwind

Tailwind is an online marketing tool that helps busy entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses save time on their social media tasks. We get into Tailwind pricing as we further read on as there is a price for a business budget

Tailwind Social Media Marketing Functions

1. Social media Scheduler

2. Social media management for building your tailwind tribes

3. Gain insights into content engagement

4. Hashtag suggestions and research of social media platform

5. Performance tracking of your Instagram posts

6. Add multiple accounts and collaborate with team members

7. Powerful analytics, including audience segmentation and post-performance analysis

8. Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs

9 Analyze target audiences, what a great tool

10 Save time in social media tasks by automating processes

11. Link in Bio tools for sharing your resources

12. Pinterest community feature and Pinterest marketing to publish content

Social Media Platforms Tailwind works with


Make the most out of Instagram marketing by posting regularly, creating carousel posts and engaging with your followers through Stories!-

Facebook Page Management

Tailwind helps you optimize your Facebook and Instagram pages for ROI by scheduling posts, running ads and analyzing user engagement.

Pinterest Community feature

Tailwind’s Pinterest community feature enables users to see what other people are pinning, join group boards and collaborate with other Pinners.

Who Created TailWind

Tailwind was founded by Danny Maloney and Alex Topiler. They met At Lean Startup Machine, a weekend-long hackathon located in New York designed for those wishing to be entrepreneurs but needing guidance on how to get started, Alex and Danny connected. , they set out to create an innovative platform that would help busy entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses save time on their social media tasks.

Danny and Alex both saw the need for a more efficient way to manage social media accounts, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing.

Today, Tailwind is used by many entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to help them manage their social media campaigns and get the most out of their content.

Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

16 Tailwind User Reviews Why I and Several Users Love It

You can easily sign up on Tailwind using either your Instagram or Pinterest account, with the click of a button your profile is synced and you immediately have access to your account

Here is how Tailwind’s Home page looks

Tailwind front page

1. Introducing: The Copilot Feature. Easy Prompts to never run out of ideas

I’m so thankful for Tailwind’s Copilot feature! With it, I can easily access suggested content ideas that are tailored to my interests and audience. With this convenient tool, I no longer have to spend hours searching the web for content topics that will resonate with my followers. I just click on it and I get several prompts and I start creating, this is a new tailwind offer that will help you as an individual or your marketing team.

Tailwind Copilot interface

Here is what Jennifer a User had to say about this feature

As a content creator, I greatly appreciate the new Tailwind Copilot feature. It saves me time by automatically providing detailed and relevant content ideas tailored to my interests and audience. Thanks to this convenient tool, I no longer need to spend hours trying to come up with unique new content that resonates with followers – Tailwind has made it easy for me!

You can easily get suggestions on content to post for the day, for example, the screen below gives you a new prompt to post on a daily basis all you need to do is click on the new prompt and new suggestions come up.

Create engaging content on your Instagram account with this feature, see different types of prompts shown below

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Over 1 million people trust Tailwind as their Social Media Management Tool

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

With these prompts, you easily upload your photos and create your posts, follow the guide below and see

2. Suggested Content Calendar

The suggested content calendar gives you a free tool for creating a comprehensive content calendar for your business, once you take about 60 seconds to answer some questions about your business

A content calendar will be drawn out for your type of business and what to post on a daily basis.

You have the plan mapped out, add photos and get started on your ios or android mobile,

Here is a testimonial of Amanda on how this helped her come up with content for her catering business. “I used Tailwind’s Suggested Content Calendar to develop a comprehensive 60-day content plan for my catering business. This feature gave me the confidence to stop worrying about what to post and allowed me to focus on creating engaging content for my followers. Thanks, Tailwind!”

3. Schedule a Post in a Few Easy Steps

Get into the home Tab of your Tailwind account, and make sure your Pinterest account or your Instagram account is already added

Click on the home tab in your Tailwind dashboard you see below

With Tailwind’s automated image cropping, you don’t have to worry about conforming your images to the accepted dimensions of a platform before uploading – it takes care of that for you!

4. HashTag Generation Feature, so good for ranking your Instagram posts

it comes up with suggested hashtags for your posts

Tailwind has colour-coded hashtags based on their competitiveness and when you hover over one, the number of posts associated with it will be shown, you also get auto suggestions as you type in your hashtags

5. Generate Captions Easily and add relevant Hashtags

Tailwind has an amazing ghostwriting feature that allows you to generate captions with ease.

This feature helps you create captions that are tailored to your specific needs and are packed with helpful resources.

Through Tailwind’s ghostwriting feature, you can use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to come up with captions that are engaging

Hashtag groups will help you store and use your favourite hashtags. You can also add fun emojis to your captions with just a few clicks, creating unlimited post designs. The font styles of the captions will even show up on Instagram – how cool!

Here are 11 Ai writing tools that can help you write more captions for many more social media accounts

you will be giving your social media accounts a fresh feel

Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

6. Preview your Instagram grid as you create

With Tailwind, you can visualize the aesthetic of your Instagram beforehand and plan out a beautiful layout for all your posts! Get creative with it; use Tailwind to craft an eye-catching presentation that will make sure people take notice.

7. Tailwind Scheduling feature

Tailwind has two methods for scheduling posts:

Auto Post – Automate your posts with Tailwind and save yourself the hassle of manual scheduling! With Tailwind, you can preset a date and time to publish your post – so it’s ready for optimum viewing and engagement.

However, to use the Auto Post feature, you need to have an Instagram Business account.

Post Reminder – Your phone will let you know when it is time to post something. Then, you can press the button to make it go live.

8. Smart Recommendations With Tailwind

Tailwind has a special tool called SmartRecommendations. This tool tells you what days and times are best for you to post something online.

The advice is based on when your followers are online the most. This could be Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

You can post your home on different websites like Pinterest and Facebook. You can also write something about it for each website if you want.

If you are a small business, you can access tailwind on your browser, set up advanced features and get your brand consistently. See what Alicia has to say about this feature

Alicia is a small business owner and she loves Tailwind’s SmartRecommendations tool in the Tailwind software.

In her review, She says it has saved her time and improved engagement across all of her social media platforms. With the tool’s help, Alicia finds out which days and times are best for her to post content so she can reach the most people and increase engagement with her followers.

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Over 1 million people trust Tailwind as their Social Media Management Tool

9. Cross Post Feature on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

To maximize your reach, consider cross-posting to Pinterest and Facebook with tailored descriptions for each platform.

10. Tailwind Browser Extension

Take advantage of the Tailwind Browser Extension to share content quickly and easily. Simply install the browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, click it whenever you’re on a page you’d like to share and then add your custom post-content into your queue with just one click.

With this extension, you can easily access every image on the page that you’re looking to share. Simply select one of your choosing and then click the button associated with the extension in order to transfer it into your Schedule tool. It’s quick, easy and effortless!

The tailwind browser extension also helps you quickly search for the right hashtags and track your performance. This way, you can easily optimize future content to boost engagement!

11. Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind’s analytics tool provides detailed insights into audience engagement so that you can better understand how people interact with your content.

You will have access to insights such as how many people comment, like and share your posts. You can also see which post types are most effective for driving engagement. These metrics help you plan more strategic content to engage your audience better.

12. Tailwind’s Community Forum

Need some advice? The Tailwind Community forum has answers to the questions you may have. This is a great way to connect with other Tailwind users and discuss tips, tricks, and strategies!

There you can find inspiration for fresh ideas and get some help about how to best utilize the platform. It is a great resource if you are looking for support or advice for your social media posts.

13. Tailwind Create

Create is a new feature in Tailwind that helps you create amazing visuals for your content. You can easily create eye-catching images, GIFs and videos with beautiful templates, fonts and effects.

This feature is great if you don’t have access to expensive design software or don’t have the time to learn it.

Once you upload from your device, you are prompted to add text to your uploaded picture

Add your branding to the image, you can also add your logo or select no branding if you don’t want any of that on the image, and you start creating from there

You immediately see a design gallery of your image with different alternatives, you can take these designs and customize them for your social media management.

The graphic design tool consists of several distinct parts:

  • Design Gallery – Unleash your creativity and craft exceptional designs here.
  • Favourites – Store your beloved templates in one place. Unfortunately, you can’t set custom templates as favourites
  • Projects – Imagery is specifically chosen to construct beautiful designs.
  • Brand Settings – Establish your brand’s fonts, logos and colours in the Design Gallery for instant access.
Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

14. Tailwind Pulse – Track Your Social Media Performance

Tailwind Pulse is a powerful data tool that provides comprehensive insights into your website, blog, and social media performance over time. With this information, you can optimize your content strategy and track how it’s impacting engagement.

Tailwind Pulse helps you identify the content that is resonating with your audience, measure the success of campaigns, understand what types of posts are driving engagement, and much more. With Tailwind Pulse, you will be able to make informed decisions and improve your overall social media performance.

As you can see, Tailwind is a powerful platform for managing and optimizing your digital presence. It has an array of features that make it easier to create engaging social media content, track and measure performance, and connect with influencers. Take advantage of these features to grow your business!

15. Tailwind Link in Bio Tool

The Tailwind Link in Bio Tool allows you to drive followers to your website or blog with a single click. When you add the link-in-bio feature to your profile, all you have to do is include a URL in your post and it will be linked automatically.

This makes it easier than ever for followers to find the content they want and access your website quickly and easily. The link-in-bio feature also helps you build relationships with followers by providing them with a direct link back to your website or blog.

With Smart. bio, you get the power to add as many call-to-action buttons as you’d like at the top of your page. This feature allows for maximum visibility and engagement from viewers who visit your page! Smart. a bio is a great tool if you’re looking for an easy way to increase conversions on your website or social media profiles.

You can also add Individual Instagram posts Links, or schedule with tailwind

You can also customize it with stand-out colours so your page looks like the colour of your brand

16. Tail Wind Email Marketing Tool

The Tailwind Email Marketing Tool is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and followers. It offers tools that make it easy to design, create, and deliver beautiful emails directly to your list of contacts.

You can easily craft personalized messages tailored to the needs of each recipient, drive engagement with eye-catching visuals and content, and track results to measure their effectiveness.

The Tailwind Email Marketing Tool is a fantastic way for you to stay connected with your customers and followers and ensure that they don’t forget about your business.

Although there are better email marketing tools than Tailwind, I think tailwind is stronger with its social media tools and functions rather than an email tool.

However, the email is composed of 5 tools

Email Campaigns

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Over 1 million people trust Tailwind as their Social Media Management Tool

The email campaigns allow you to create beautiful emails that are tailored to your customers and followers.


With automation, you can easily set up customized sequences of emails that target specific audiences


The contacts tab allows you to view, manage, and segment your contact list into different categories.


You can also use forms to collect information and build landing pages for email subscribers


The email setting helps you manage your settings, you can edit your profile name, and your brand settings from colours to fonts and others.

Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind Pricing table

Tailwind pricing offers three different paid plans to suit your needs: Max, advanced and Pro. The pricing is based on the number of accounts you manage and the features you need. Each plan comes with all of Tailwind’s essential tools such as Smart Automations, Link in Bio Tool and much more.

But there is a Forever Free Plan

The forever free plan gives you unlimited access to all tailwind offers, if you are not yet ready for tailwind pricing or have yet to subscribe to their pricing plans, you can still take charge of your social media marketing by using the free plan.

Small businesses might not be able to use the free plan as it is very limited in the number pf accounts that can be added for scheduling your unlimited posts.

Here is what the plan offers

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the Forever Free Plan

  • 1 Pinterest Account
  • 1 Instagram Account
  • 1 Facebook Page
  • 20 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • 20 Post Designs/mo
  • 10 Ghostwriter Credits/mo
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Custom Link
  • Basic Analytics
  • 1 user
  • Unlimited Email Contacts
  • 200 Email Sends/mo. you can start a free trial at no cost with this.

Paid Plans For Your Unlimited Post Designs

1. Pro Plan

For premium plans, pricing starts last $12.99/per month and you access all the feature as listed below

Tailwind Pro Plan

2. Advanced Plan

This feature is built for growing multiple brands with pricing from $19.99, you can secure more than one account with your tailwind in that advanced feature

Tailwind Advanced Plan

3. Max Plan

This gives you unlimited access to managing multiple accounts on tailwind, here is the list of features below, tailwind offer for small businesses with multiple accounts and users can use these pricing alternatives

Max Plan

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Over 1 million people trust Tailwind as their Social Media Management Tool

The Pros and Cons of Tailwind

There are pros and cons of every tool and here is the one for Tailwind


  • Tailwind is an all-in-one platform for managing email campaigns, automation, contacts and forms.
  • Easy-to-use interface with advanced features to make emails look professional.
  • Comprehensive tracking and analytics to help you measure the success of your campaigns.
  • The Automations feature helps you send the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  • The pricing plans are affordable and can be tailored to different businesses’ needs.
  • Setting up and linking apps is effortless – no time wasted.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly and easy to understand, making it simple for users of any expertise level to navigate.
  • Taking advantage of pre-scheduling posts is incredibly efficient, especially for Instagram content.
  • Instantly plan your Pins for maximum reach!
  • Cross-posting to various platforms is effortless and straightforward!
  • Create tool is effortless to employ and provides attractive designs, making it the perfect choice for your project, though I still recommend Canva
  • Autofit makes it easy to upload images without needing to worry about the aspect ratio, ensuring they’ll fit perfectly every time.
  • The revolutionary built-in hashtag tool makes it easier than ever to expand your reach and grow engagement with followers on social media.
  • Tailwind Communities is an outstanding Pinterest marketing tool that can drive powerful results for your business. With Tailwind Communities, you’ll be able to maximize visibility and engagement on the platform while building meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs like yourself! Drafts save automatically, so no work is lost
  • The page is an incredibly user-friendly and resourceful tool for any individual or business looking to make a lasting digital impression.
  • The mobile app is a remarkable success; it works splendidly.
  • Our customer service department ensures a personalized experience, providing timely follow-ups and ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Compelling reports that provide illuminating insights into the data.


• The email design templates lack creativity and they cannot be customized easily.

• It lacks A/B testing features which would have been useful for optimizing campaigns.

• There is no automated email verification system which can be a hassle, especially for larger lists.

• Some features such as forms and contacts are limited in the forever-free plan.

• Tailwind’s customer service is not the best, and some users have reported slow responses.

• Limited integrations with third-party software.

• It does not offer autoresponders or drip campaigns yet.

With Tailwind, you get everything you need to create powerful marketing emails that drive results and reach your customers effectively.

Should You Buy Tailwind?

It depends. If you want an all-in-one package to manage your email campaigns, automation, contacts and forms with ease, then Tailwind is worth the investment.

With its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive tracking & analytics and advanced features such as autofit for images and hashtags for social media, Tailwind is a great choice.

The pricing plans are also quite budget-friendly and can be tailored to suit different businesses’ needs.

However, if you’re looking for a platform with more features such as A/B testing or automated email verification, then there may be better options available.

It all depends on what your business requires and the budget you have in mind. Weigh your options carefully before making a decision!

In conclusion, Tailwind is an excellent social media marketing platform for businesses of all sizes that want to manage their campaigns with ease.

It has an intuitive interface, comprehensive tracking & analytics and several advanced features such as autofit for images and hashtags.

The pricing plans are also quite budget-friendly, making Tailwind suitable for a wide range of businesses.

However, if you’re looking for more features then there may be better alternatives available. In any case, make sure to weigh your options carefully before committing to a platform.

Click Here For Your Free Trial. claim the free trial right here and get a tailwind offer. You can then get to know Tailwind cost of using the platform.

Seun’s Top Pick


  • Social media Scheduler
  • Gain insights into content engagement
  • Graphic design tool for unlimited post designs
  • Hashtag suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions On Tailwind

Q1. Does Tailwind have an intuitive user interface?

A1. Yes, Tailwind has a very intuitive user interface with easy-to-use features and comprehensive tracking & analytics for optimizing campaigns.

Q2. How much does it cost to use Tailwind?

A2. The pricing plans are quite flexible and can be tailored to suit different businesses’ needs, ranging from free forever plans to ones that are well suited for larger companies with more resources or a bigger budget.

Q3. What features does Tailwind offer?

A3: Tailwind offers several powerful tools such as autofit for images, hashtag tool, contact management, form builder and much more! It also provides detailed insights into your data through its tracking & analytic reports which can be used to optimize campaign performance over time.

Q4: Is there an A/B testing feature in the platform?

A4: Unfortunately not at this moment; however they are looking into adding this feature soon according to their latest update notes! In the meantime, you may want to test out other platforms that do provide A/B testing capabilities if you need them right away.

Q5: Are there any integrations available with Tailwind?

A5: Yes. You can also set up auto-posting to social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Q6: Does Tailwind offer autoresponders or drip campaigns?

A6: Not yet, but they are currently in the process of adding this feature to their platform. Stay tuned for more updates!

Q7: Is there a free trial available with Tailwind?

A7: Yes, there is a 14-day free trial available which allows you to test out all the features of Tailwind before deciding whether it’s right for you. Simply click here and claim your free trial now.

Tailwind is an excellent choice if you want an intuitive platform to manage your email campaigns and social media posts with ease. With its comprehensive tracking & analytics and advanced features such as autofit for images and hashtags, Tailwind is sure to help you achieve your goals. Its budget-friendly subscription plans are also tailored to fit different businesses’ needs. So make sure to check out Tailwind and see if it’s the right fit for you! Good luck!

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