Are you in the process of understanding how a specimen cheque in Canada works? Do you have questions about what is required when processing one? Or maybe you simply want to ensure that your finances are handled properly and you have all the information you need

Whatever it is, having a thorough knowledge of specimen cheques in Canada will help make financial transactions smoother and simpler.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explain everything including where to get them, how they work and much more

Irrespective of your financial institutions (CIBC, BMO, DESJARDINS, SCOTIA) – so that by the end of it you will know what specimen cheques are and then make your transactions way smoother, all the links that you need to get access to your specimen cheques

Let’s dive into our guide for Specimen Cheque Canada: All You Need To Know.

Why Would You Need The Specimen Cheque?

In the digital age, the specimen cheque in Canada remains a necessary tool for various transactions.

A few years ago, you would scribble “cancelled” or “specimen” on a paper check and that was it.

Today, it comes mostly in digital form. Generally, it is a PDF format to be downloaded from our financial institution’s online portal.

By means of this check, an individual or organization can directly deposit money into the designated account.

For instance, when onboarding a new employee at work, human resources will ask for an image of a sample check to transfer payroll instantly and securely into their bank account.

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My First Need For a Specimen Cheque

When I arrived in Canada, I was told that the first thing to do was get my SIN, and open an Account, the next was to obtain a health card.

I did it in that order and then, went ahead to get my health card at the registry, then I was asked to prove my address, and they also asked if I had a specimen cheque, also called a void cheque or spécimen de chèque

A void cheque? What on earth did that mean? How could something so simple be so important?

Nevertheless, I needed to get it done and soon enough stumbled upon my local bank branch.

The friendly teller explained what a void cheque was: essentially an empty check with all of the information necessary for identification purposes – but without any funds attached to it.

With new-found knowledge in hand, I made sure to make note of the importance of this seemingly small piece of paper! I didn’t even know it was right there in my bank app, while I took the trip to the bank

Little did I know just how significant this little slip would become for me over time – from registering for my health card at the registry office to opening up my North American business account at CIBC Bank; not only that but when registering for my driver’s license as well! Needing such documents became second nature after some point and every other day seemed like another opportunity where having access to my trusty old void cheque came in handy once again!

It felt lovely yet strange how something as simple as a Specimen check could be used in so many different situations – from being able to provide proof of address or process a transaction when asked by authorities or even dealing with other official matters related directly or indirectly with banking services and more.

Thank God I didn’t need it when I was registering my business on YELP, to get customer reviews, but if I had to, it wouldn’t be an issue as I knew what it was already

What a spécimen de chèque (Void Cheque) Contains

The specimen check is a way to get information like:

  • Branch number (transit number)
  • Folio (or account number)
  • Institution number
  • Home Address

Moreover, you may be requested to provide a check sample in numerous scenarios such as collecting an international payment or establishing a repeating transaction directly into your account. Thus, it is worthwhile to maintain a copy of your check specimen at hand.

Luckily, finding it is a cinch for most of us – only taking a few clicks whether you are on your computer or mobile device.

Here is a sample of a scotia bank void cheque example below

1. Your Branch number or Transit Number

This is the 5-digit number that identifies the branch of your bank here is un spécimen de chèque (Specimen Cheques Sample)

scotia bank void cheque

2. Folio or (or Account number)

Your account (or folio) number is the key to your bank account. To successfully transfer the money you must have both the transit number and institution number – making it one of most sensitive details found on a sample cheque.

Depending on which financial institution you use, this figure can vary in length;

Scotia bank void cheque

3. Institution Number

The institution number is a three-digit code that allows you to identify your financial institution, no matter which branch of it you decide to use.

Scotia bank void cheque

4. Home Address

This just makes it easy for those filling in your information to pick up and put it in their system, it’s right at the top corner of your cheque. while the date is on the right-hand menu

How To Access Your Void Cheque

1. You can produce them online from your bank login details

2. You can download them on your computer

3. You can print the sample cheque and have the document filed away

4. You can save it in your browser history to load them up when you need them,m

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Screenshot Of Sample Specimen Cheques (un spécimen de chèque) of Banks in Canda

With just a few clicks in your bank app, irrespective of your location or province, you will find out that it’s just simply getting into your accounts, sign in and get your sample cheque, here is how the sample cheques look like

How can I get my sample cheque online using scotia bak as an example (Comment puis-je obtenir mon échantillon de chèque)

1. Log into your accounts online

Scotia bank account login page

2. Select Direct deposit and Payment

Scotia bank direct deposit and payment page

3. Select Your Void Cheque Specimen

Scotia bank void cheque specimen selection page

How Specimen Cheques of Different Banks Look Like

Bank of Montreal Void Cheque

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce void cheque

HSBC Canada

HSBC Bank Canada Cheque

– National Bank of Canada

NAtional Bank Of Canada Void Cheque

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Royal Bank Of Canada Cheque

Scotiabank/Bank of Nova Scotia

Scotia Bank Void Cheque

– TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust Cheque

Alterna Savings & Credit Union Ltd

Alterna Saving and Credit Union Ltd Cheque

– ATB Financial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a specimen cheque?

A1: A specimen cheque is a copy of an original check that contains all the necessary information to make payments. It can be used for transactions such as direct deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between accounts.

Q2: How do I get my specimen cheque?

A2: Depending on your financial institution you may be able to access your void cheque online, by downloading it from their website or app, by printing off a sample cheque and filing it away or by saving it in your browser history for easy access when needed.

Q3: What are some important details included in the specimen check?

A3: A specimen check includes details like the branch number (transit number), folio (or account number), institution number and home address which must all be provided in order to complete most banking services successfully.

Q4: Are there different types of specimen checks based on which bank I use?

A4 The format of the sample cheques vary slightly depending on the financial institution used but they usually contain similar key elements such as the transit/branch numbers, folio/account numbers and institutions numbers plus other specific


Having a specimen cheque is an important part of managing your finances and making payments. It contains all the necessary information to ensure transactions are successful, such as branch numbers, folio or account numbers, institution numbers and home addresses.

Knowing how to access your specimen cheque can save you time when completing banking services online or in person. No matter which bank you use there are different types of sample checks that vary slightly but contain key elements for payment processing.

With this knowledge on hand, I am now ready to take control of my financials with confidence!

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