Have you ever wanted to make your finger smoke? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think – all you need is a little bit of science know-how and you have a smoke finger.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your finger smoke using a simple chemical reaction, it’s a chemistry trick don’t worry and it’s safe.

Not only is this trick cool and impressive, but it’s also a great way to learn about chemistry. So read on and find out how to make your own smoking finger!

Smoke Finger

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Where You Can Wow Everyone With Your Smoking Fingers Trick

1. Classroom

You can ask your Teacher to demonstrate the smoking fingers trick during one of your science experiments

2. Family gatherings

Are you having a special family function, this will be a great time to show the white smoke magic trick with family members present

3. Birthday parties

Well I won’t recommend this during a birthday party, but while the birthday candle burn and everyone says happy birthday, you can perform a little trick to wow the audience as everyone settles to feast on the cake

4. Science fairs

You can show your two fingers trick, it’s a cool magic trick to show during your experiment at your next science fair

5. Dinner tables

Well if you can before everyone goes to bed, immediately after eating dinner, take your matches and perform magic, it will capture everyone’s interest

6. Playdates with friends

If you have some friends over for your play date, impress them with a classic magic trick of smoking fingers. Just find a stable surface and start, your friends won’t stop watching your fingers smoke. Plus it will be great fun to share with your friends.

7. Campfires

You can perform the smoking fingers trick in an open campfire, just make sure to follow safety protocols! This trick can be an amazing way to entertain the people around you and make them gasp in awe.

8. Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties are a perfect place to perform the smoking fingers trick. You can get everyone’s attention after all the snacks and fun games with this incredible show of magic. People will be in awe of your skills.

Fire Extinguisher and Other Precautions Before You Start

1. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby when performing the smoking finger experiment.

2. Wear gloves when handling the materials for this experiment, as chemicals can be dangerous and harmful to your health if not handled properly.

3. Children should only perform this experiment under adult supervision in case of any mishaps or accidents while performing the experiment with chemicals.

4. Place cardboard backing behind you before attempting this trick, in case of any sparks that may occur during the reaction process of making your finger smoke – it will contain them safely and help avoid potential fires starting from any spark escaping from the process!

5. Strip off all clothing accessories such as rings, necklaces etc., since they could become entangled in some way if things don’t go according to plan while using fire and/or flammable chemicals for this trick.

6. Be mindful about having fun with safety first! and never forget to use common sense at all times throughout the procedure!

Explaining The Science Behind This Smoking Fingers Trick

Have you ever wondered what smoke is made of? It turns out it’s nothing but minuscule particles that are usually composed of carbon or other elements. In this specific trick, these small fragments are actually phosphorus – the same substance used in matchbox striker strips! So yes, your fingers will be “smoking” and you will see a smoke glow during this spellbinding illusion!

The red phosphorous in the striker strip burns and changes into unstable white phosphorous. When you rub this substance between your fingers, it mixes with the oxygen in the air to form a new substance called phosphorous oxide. This new substance gives off light-emitting grey smoke! Doing this experiment at night can be even more fun because you will see a strange glowing cloud of smoke coming from your hands.

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The Material – What You Need For The Smoking Finger Trick

  • Matchbox
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Plate
  • Gloves
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cold Plate and cold water

The Smoking Finger Trick You Have Been Waiting For

I will be showing the Step by step Experiment That demonstrates this trick

1. Cool a ceramic dinner plate in the freezer for half an hour

To get the best results from this experiment, make sure that you place a ceramic plate in your freezer to get it cold. In case you don’t have a freezer available, running the plate under some cold water for several minutes will also suffice!

A white ceramic plate

2. Remove the striking strip from a matchbox.

To begin, remove the tray of matches from the matchbox and trim off its striking strip using a pair of scissors. Ensure that you cut away any extra cardboard surrounding the strip to create a more powerful smoking powder.

The strip is the coloured area on the side of the matchbox.

Lighting a matchstick

Make sure you peel it and strip off the cardboard behind it just like in the picture below, this strip is coated with red phosphorus.

Colored area on the side of a matchbox

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3. Place The Strip Inside Your Ceramic Plate

Bring out the Ceramic plate from the freezer after 30 minutes of cooling it.

You can place as many strips as you want and also fold them half lengthwise if you wish, but a few strips to is good enough, make sure you place them face down on each other.

Match strip in a ceramic plate

4. Burn 🔥 and light up the strips with your lighter

Now at this point, you need to watch the strip while it burns. If it starts to spark, use a heavy cloth to pat out the fire or use a fire extinguisher if necessary.

strips burning in a ceramic plate

5. A dark Coloured Tar that contains Phosphorus V Oxide is Formed

This is a compound that is formed when Red phosphorus burns

Product form when red phosphorus burns

6. Rub the Dark Tar Between your fingers

Once the dark tar is rubbed between your fingers it produces white phosphorous

Burnt red phosphorus in a ceramic plate and a hand

7. The Dark Residue Rubbed between your fingers produces the smoke. Smoke FInger

Phosphorus V oxide quickly absorbs water from the air and forms Phosphoric acid

A smoking finger

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Further Precautions

  • Make sure it does not touch your skin
  • Dispose of the matches and match residue after your magic trick
  • Wash your hands so you don’t rub your fingers on your face or on others
  • don’t perform this trick often as phosphorus compounds are hazardous to health

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