Moms, educators, and teachers – are you looking for ways to connect with your middle schoolers? If so, look no further!

Here are 30 things that middle schoolers are interested in. Whether it’s music, movies, fashion, or sports – there’s something on this list for everyone. So take a break from homework and enjoy some quality time with your kids!

What Is The Age Range Of Middle Schoolers?

Teenagers jumping excitedly in a garden

Middle schoolers are typically between the ages of 11-14, though this can vary a bit depending on the region.

Generally speaking, it’s the years in which students transition from elementary school and begin to prepare for the rigours of high school.

This is an important period of development as middle schoolers start to form their individual identities, explore new interests and hobbies, and gain greater independence.

This age range is also when students start taking standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT, so it’s essential that parents help them build strong study skills early on.

Though each student’s journey is unique to them, this time provides a great opportunity for growth and exploration.

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11 Things To Know About Middle Schoolers

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1. Exploration:-

This is a middle schooler time for developing their individual identities. On Becoming young teens and entering early adolescence, they like to explore a whole lot about themselves and the world around them

2. Age to Build Study Skills:-

It’s an important age range for a middle schooler to build strong study skills, being a middle school student, there is a lot coming at them at this age including the transition into wider studies in their classes.

They will start taking standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT during this period of development, so it’s essential that they have the right resources and support to help them prepare properly for these exams.

3. Independence:-

Middle school students at this age are gaining more independence from their parents/guardians while still needing guidance and support in order to develop into responsible adults.

4. Social Media Exploration:-

Middle School students may be more likely than other age groups to explore social media platforms like Tik tok, Instagram or Snapchat, creating challenges when it comes to digital safety, online privacy, etc..

You can see two good protective software that can help protect them from online predators in my Qustodio vs Bark Software review comparison

5. High Emotional Engagement

During this transitionary stage for kids in middle schools, they can become overwhelmed with emotions including joy, excitement, fear of failure or disappointment at times – so it’s important that you as their parents remain attentive and supportive throughout this process.

6. Prefer Another Method Of Communication

Middle school students communication styles differ from younger children in that they may communicate largely via text messaging and chats rather than face-to-face conversations (particularly if your child has friends who don’t live close by).

7. Insecure About Body Changes

Middle schoolers are often insecure about the changes that their bodies go through during this time. These changes can be physical, such as growth spurts and body composition shifts, or emotional, such as hormonal shifts that affect moods.

For boys, these changes may include a deepening of the voice and increased muscle mass. In addition, girls may experience an increase in body fat, breast development, and menstruation.

8. Open About New Experiences

Middle schoolers are more likely to be open to new experiences than younger children and willing to experiment with their interests, hobbies, and social activities.

Encourage your child to take advantage of this time in their life to try out new things and explore the world around them. I will share 30 ways you can do that with them

9. Respect Personal Privacy

Middle schoolers may be especially protective of their personal privacy as they navigate through this part of growing up.

It’s important that you respect your child’s right to privacy by not snooping or prying into their activities without permission. It’s also important to set boundaries ahead of time so that your child knows what is expected and what will be respected by both parents and the child.

10. Foster Self-Awareness

Middle schoolers are on the brink of adolescence, which can bring about a range of emotions including feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and even depression.

Encourage your child to explore their self-awareness as they continue through this transition in life.

Help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests and passions – which will help them make decisions about the future and develop into a successful adult.

11. Provide Moral Support

Middle schoolers are likely to be faced with various challenges along their journey, and it’s important that they know you will be there for them as a source of moral support.

and part of providing this moral support is knowing the things they will be interested in and providing it for them

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Here is a List of 30 things middle school Students Love

Kids looking through a dark shade

1. Attending sporting events

Middle School students love going to sporting events is fun for middle schoolers. It’s a time when they can get together with other young people and have a good time talking, cheering, and watching what’s happening.

It’s normal for them to root for their own school or teams from other schools. Plus, it might even teach them something about college life and what it might be like in the future.

They also get the chance to talk about classes, grades, and their lives with their peers – all while having fun! So as a parent, if you find time to know the sports they like and create time to spend with them during involvement in their sports, you become their friend

2. Hanging out with friends in middle schools

Middle schoolers love to hang out with their friends because it gives them a chance to talk about things that are important in their lives.

They can talk about classes, grades, and what’s going on at school in their classrooms. It’s also a great social time for young adolescents since they get to meet other kids from different classes or even from other schools.

While they were elementary students you determined who they played with, and where they went, but as a middle schooler, they begin to determine who their friend is and you the parent can only guide them with who to play with but can force who their peers are

3. Going to the movies or local Play Spots

Children playing on the field

Middle schoolers love going to the movies or local Play Spots. It’s a fun way to spend time with their friends and have conversations about what’s happening in their classes, what happened during the week, or if they figure out something new.

They can go as a group and have lots of fun, in fact, they love going as a group. Going to the movies or local play spots is also a great point in time for middle schoolers!

Understand this about them, your job is to try to know the group they hand out with you can get to know your child the more from the group they hang out with

4. Playing video games

Students in middle schools, love playing video games because it is a fun way to spend time with their friends. They can discover new games released, and new game moves and also practice their new discoveries with their friends.

It is also a great way for them to meet other middle school students from different classes or even other schools. Plus, they get to learn game strategies and skills that will help them when they play with other students or get back to their high schools.

5. Exploring new places and activities

Kids playing basketball

Children in middle schools like to explore new places and activities because it lets them try something different.

They can get together with their friends and go on a fun adventure, or they can learn something new by trying out a board game or playing basketball with older students.

It’s exciting for them to have new experiences during the school year! as parents you can be a part of their new adventure by showing them new places and activities they can explore with you or explore on their own, deciding to be a part of this journey with them is exciting

6. Shopping for clothes

A middle School Kid might love shopping for clothes because it is a fun way to show off their style. It’s a chance for them to show off with other kids from different countries and schools, exchange ideas, and explore new fashion trends.

As they enter high school, they can show off the trends that are popular with people their own age.

7. Participating in school clubs or extracurricular activities

Teenagers in middle school love to join clubs or extracurricular activities at school. They get to do fun things like play sports and board games and also meet new people from different classes and schools.

They can also learn something new from teachers or other young people while having lots of fun! the only caveat is there must be a whole lot of fun in place, that will engage them physically.

8. Creating art projects using various mediums (paint, clay, photography, etc.)

Middle schoolers can have fun creating art with different materials like paint, clay or photography.

This is a great way for them to show what they know and learn from teachers and other young people. It’s also a chance for them to express themselves, explore their creativity and make something that is unique. Art is a major way of having a great conversation with the world around them.

9. Watching their favourite TV shows or streaming services

Middle schoolers like to watch their favourite TV shows or streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. They can have fun discussing the show with their friends from different classes and even other schools.

It’s also a great way for them to learn about new topics and see how people in older grades think. You as a parent can join in too by watching shows with them and talking about what they are seeing.

10. Reading books from their favourite authors

Middle schoolers love reading books by their favourite authors because it helps them learn more about the world.

They can talk to parents, adults, and other students about what they are reading and how it relates to their class or education.

Reading books also helps young people experience different places and people without leaving the classroom. Teachers and parents can also use these books to help teach new topics in a fun way!

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11. Taking part in outdoor adventures like camping or hiking

Children playing Tug of War

A middle schooler love for activities could lead to taking part in outdoor adventures like camping or hiking. The camping idea is a whole world of fun for middle schoolers because they can learn about the world, meet different people of all ages and use what they learn in school.

Parents can also help them with their outdoor adventures by providing ideas and knowledge about the area.

12 Learning a foreign language

Teenagers in middle school might like learning a foreign language because it can help them figure out how people in different countries speak and think.

They can learn the language in school by taking a course taught by their teachers, or they can take it as an extra class outside of their regular grade level.

Learning a new language is fun and exciting! you can help them explore this new adventure by getting language apps that can help them in this quest and adventure

13 Listening to music

Middle schoolers can love listening to music because it gives them a way to express themselves and feel connected with other young people, adults and even people from different countries.

Music can also help them challenge themselves by trying out new instruments or learning new languages. It is also a great way for them to relax and have fun!

You can see what music they love, understand the way it influences them and guide them in helping them know the way the music they listen to can influence them greatly.

14 Binge-watching YouTube videos

Middle schoolers could love to watch YouTube videos because it is a fun way for them to learn and explore.

They can find interesting things that other young people are talking about, and they can also learn new skills or listen to music. It’s a great way for them to stay connected with the world around them!

As a parent, you can know the youtube channels they love to watch and in case they’re challenged with their screen time you can also get the Qustodio app to know how much time they spend on screen and monitor them effectively. Every young person needs a guide within this four years or six years middle age period.

15 Doing puzzles

Some Young people in middle school may like doing puzzles because it can help them learn and have fun.

Puzzles help them practice different skills they are learning in school, like problem-solving, critical thinking, and even math or language skills.

Doing puzzles also helps keep their minds active and engaged as they grow up!

16 Working on science experiments

Middle schoolers love working on science experiments because it helps them learn about the world around them.

They can use what they learn in school to think of new ideas, test them out and see how things work.

Doing science experiments is a fun way for young people to explore their curiosity and learn more about the world!

Here are the 10 Best Science Experiments For Middle Schoolers

17 Cooking meals

Young people in middle school can enjoy cooking meals, it’s not a top thing they are interested in, but they can actually learn from watching their parents, especially when a parent gets them involved in exploring recipes.

Cooking helps kids learn how to be creative and use what they learn in school, like math and following directions.

It also teaches them how to be responsible by preparing healthy meals with the right ingredients. Cooking is a fun way to explore new things!

18 Meeting up at game centers

Middle schoolers might enjoy going to game centers because it is a fun way for them to socialize with other young people.

This is an extension of the games they play at home, but they physically meet up with other young kids from different environments to play different games and socialize. Dont be supposed when your middle school-aged child is out making new friends from game centers

19 Writing stories and poems

Young people in middle school may like writing stories and poems because it’s a way for them to express themselves and their ideas.

Writing can help kids learn how to be creative, use what they learn in school, and practice different skills like problem-solving.

It also gives them a chance to explore stories and poems that they might not have found in the classroom! They could have their little diaries to document some of their favourite characters and fantasize about them. you can ask them to tell you some of the stories on their mind, it’s a great way to strike up a conversation with them.

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20 Playing board/card games

Educators suggest that middle schoolers may enjoy playing board or card games because it can help them practice different skills they are learning in school, like problem-solving and critical thinking.

Playing these types of games also helps keep their minds active and engaged as they transition into higher grade levels of education!

Some examples of these board and card games include Chess, monopoly, scrabble, Risk, Settles of clan, clue, and many more similar games

21 Visiting nearby attractions

Visiting nearby attractions can be a fun activity for middle schoolers. They can explore new places and learn more about the world around them.

It’s a great way to get out of the house and have some fun while also learning something new, remember they are very active and this can be a way to bond with them!

Visiting attractions also gives them a chance to socialize with other young people and make new friends.

22 Setting up sleepovers

If your middle schooler wants to have a sleepover, help them plan it! Look into the week and see what days are good for having their friends over.

Talk to other parents at your kid’s school and see if their children want to come. Then make sure that you know what grade the kids are in so that you can make sure they are all comfortable together.

Finally, set up some fun activities for the kids to do during the sleepover and enjoy! it’s a way to meet their friends and make them see you are involved in their daily development

23 Joining an online gaming community

Joining an online gaming community is a great way for middle schoolers to stay connected with friends and others their age, especially during the fall when classes are in full swing and there is less opportunity to hang out.

Online gaming communities provide a space for young people to interact and have fun with peers without fear of judgment from adults.

As a parent find out the gaming communities they are a part of and make sure they are well protected

24 Keeping pets

Having a pet can be a great activity for middle schoolers. It can give them something to care for and bond with. They could have small pets such as cats, dogs, birds or fish.

Caring for a pet is not the most important thing but it might make your child happy and help them learn responsibility and focus

25 Creating Social Media Videos

In grade schools, kids are starting to have fun with making videos for social media. They can show what they are doing and what is happening in their lives and make videos with their friends.

It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and share exciting things!, you can catch up with their activities on social media like Tik Tok, Instagram or Facebook and see what they are up to

26 Organizing parties

Middle schoolers often get into the idea of attending and organizing parties as a way to socialize with their peers.

They look forward to these events as an escape from the daily mundane routines of their home and studies.

Attending or throwing a party can be exciting for middle schoolers, as it gives them the chance to interact with friends, once in a while, you can plan it with them but also give them some control over who they can invite to the parties, where they can go fo their parties, if you have built enough closeness with them they will be transparent about their parties

27 Discovering new hobbies

Dad and Mum with their beautiful daughter

Middle schoolers love to explore new hobbies and activities, they are full of energy and enthusiasm and want to try new things.

They like the challenge that comes with learning something new or mastering a skill. From arts-and-crafts projects to sports and even coding, there is always something that middle schoolers can experiment with, and while doing this they want you to trust them and not breathe down their neck with so many limitations

28 Dressing up

As middle schoolers grow, they start to figure out their body and how to dress it. They want to dress in clothes that make them feel good about themselves.

You can help by talking with their children about what kind of clothing is comfortable and appropriate for different activities.

You can also provide guidance on which styles are fashionable and tasteful for them without forcing them down their throats

29 Learning a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument can be a great way for middle schoolers to express their creativity and passion for music.

Listening to music is one thing, but actually playing instruments requires further commitment and effort.

Despite the fact that some middle schoolers might prefer to simply listen to music rather than learn how to play it, there are still ways to use their passion for listening to music to make them learn how to play an instrument, it gets them engaged

30 They are not in elementary school any longer

As your middle schooler embarks on this new journey, it’s important to remember that they are no longer in elementary school.

They need more autonomy and independence than before but also require guidance from their parents.

As such, you should treat them like a child in middle school – provide freedom within limits while offering support along the way. With activities such as been mentioned above.

You can help ensure that your kids have positive experiences during this time of transition into adulthood. By providing encouragement and trust with reasonable boundaries set by both parent and child alike – together we can make sure our children grow into happy adults!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Middle School Students

What activities can middle schoolers do to stay connected with their friends?

Middle schoolers can stay connected with their friends by making and sharing social media videos.

This is a great way for them to express themselves, catch up on what their peers are doing, and stay connected with their friends.

They can share content on popular platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram or Facebook.

What kind of parties can middle schoolers attend or organize?

Middle schoolers may enjoy attending or organizing parties as a way to socialize with their peers. These events provide an opportunity for middle schoolers to escape the mundane routines of home and studies, while also giving them the chance to interact with friends and build relationships outside of the classroom.

When planning parties, it is important that parents provide guidance while also allowing children some control over who they invite, where they go to the party, etc.

What new hobbies or activities could a middle schooler try?

There are many different hobbies and activities that middle schoolers might find exciting and stimulating.

From arts-and-crafts projects to sports and coding, there are plenty of opportunities for middle schoolers to explore in order to find something new that they enjoy doing. It’s important that parents trust their children’s decisions when trying out new things so that they can learn how to become independent thinkers while still staying safe.

How should parents help their middle schoolers choose clothes?

Parents should talk with their children about clothing choices that are comfortable and appropriate for different occasions.

They can discuss which styles are fashionable but also tasteful for young adults without being overly controlling about them.

At the same time, providing gentle guidance on these topics will help children learn how to make good decisions when it comes to fashion choices in a safe environment.

How can music help middle schoolers express themselves?

Learning music can be a great way for students to express themselves creatively through sound and develop a passion for music beyond simply listening to it.

Playing instruments requires further commitment than just listening alone but provides many opportunities for self-expression while learning the skill set needed in order to get better at playing music over time.

What to expect from middle schoolers

Middle schoolers should be expected to take on more responsibility for their actions and learn how to become independent thinkers.

During this time of transition, it is important that you provide freedom within limits while offering support along the way.

You can help ensure their kids have positive experiences by co-creating reasonable boundaries and activities such as social media videos, parties, hobbies or activities, clothing choices, and music lessons to explore during this period. Middle schoolers will benefit from the trust and guidance they receive from their parents in order to make smart decisions while still having fun.

Let this article guide you in your relationship with your middle school kids and students

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