Canada RIT Payment is one surprise deposit you receive directly into your account, and you might be wondering what it stands for and where it came from. If you are a consistent income taxpayer, be ready to expect this surprise.

Simply, a Canada RIT Payment is the money the government deposit to your account or pays you after filing your tax.

When you receive a deposit payment in your account labelled Canada RIT, it means that CRA has evaluated your tax return and found that they owe you money.

Once it has been identified that they owe you money, you will be sent the money via direct deposit. This deposit is referred to as “Refund Income Tax.”

In this article, we will explore Canada RIT and every aspect to give you an understanding of what it entails.


  • What Is Canada RIT Payment?
  • Why You Got A Canada RIT Payment
  • Who Is Eligible For The Canada RIT Payment?
  • How Do You Receive The RIT Payment?
  • When are The Canada RIT Dates?
  • What Can You Do With Your Canada RIT Deposit
  • Other Government Deposits
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Canada RIT Payment

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What Is Canada RIT Payment?

Canada RIT stand for “Canada Refund Income Tax”, which refers to the money the government pays to your account directly after you complete your taxes through Canada Revenue Agency.

By using the online system to link your CRA with your bank account, you can have regular credits, such as Income Tax Returns, deposited directly into your bank account.

Your online banking system keeps track of all the money you put in your account. It also remembers where the money came from so you can see how much you are getting from each source.

When you look at your bank account, keep an eye out for RIT/RIF. This is important to check.

Sometimes, the words “RIT” and “RIF” mean the same thing. They are both called a “Canada RIT/RIF” deposit. So don’t worry if you see someone using these words together or on their own – they all mean the same thing.

Why Canada Revenue Agency Sent a Canada RIT Payment

To be eligible to receive a Canada RIT Payment or receive Canada rit deposits, you must be a Canadian worker (employee or self-employed) who files an income tax return every year.

Here are some reasons you may get a Canada RIT payment.

  • The amount you made last tax year,
  • The amount of tax deductions you qualified for, and
  • The number of tax credits you qualified for.

At the basic level, incomes are grouped, and expected tax returns are expected from each grouping.

So your income puts you in a specific income tax bracket that determines how much you owe as income tax and is payable by the end of the year.

If you have been found qualified for tax credits and deductions, you might get a deposit from CRA or be able to offset the amount you owe.

Although this seems surprising, it happens more frequently than you will ever think. In the 2022 tax filing season, more than 19 million Canadians received a tax refund, which is about $2092 on average in 2022.

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Who Is Eligible For The Canada RIT Payment?

Annually, millions of Canadians submit their income taxes to the government between the end of February and April. As long as you rely on T4s rather than T4As, you can receive some form of return.

If you are employed with income taxes calculated on payroll issuance, you must pay your income tax directly to CRA with every paycheque.

How Do You Receive The RIT Payment Tax Refund?

Canadian Dollar

Most of the time, you will get your RIT payment in your bank account. You will see it marked as “Canada RIT Deposit” on your bank statement.

You might get money sent to you in the mail for this payment. This is called a Rit Rif Deposit. You will still get paid, no matter how you receive the money.

If you want to make sure the Canada RIT payment or deposit is correct, you can do that.

To find out if your money has been deposited in the CRA account, log in to the CRA MY Account. You will see all the information you need there.

To check out why adjustments are made on your tax returns, check out the notice of assessment to see all the adjustments done by CRA.

When are The Canada RIT Dates?

The CRA has not set a specific date for Canada RIT payments. However, they have indicated that they intend to process refunds within 2 weeks of receiving online tax submissions.

The processing time for tax submitted via paper will take up to 8 weeks.

Other factors can influence when you receive an RIT deposit. They are as follows:

  • When you submit your tax return,
  • The duration of evaluation by CRA, and
  • Your method of payment.

How To Set Up A Canada Refund Income Tax Direct Deposit

If you get your tax refunds in the mail as a cheque, you can switch it to an online deposit. That way, you will get your money faster.

It is the 21st century and now you can get your tax refunds faster by using online deposit. Here are some ways to set up a Canada RIT direct deposit.

  • Through your MyCRA app
  • Through your bank
  • Through your “CRA My Account.”
  • Over the phone (1-800-959-8281)
  • Tax software – some tax software can give you the option to set it up when you submit your tax return.

What Can You Do With Your Canada RIT Deposit

Many refer to Canada RIT deposits as mystery money. Since the mystery money is all yours, what will you spend it on?

There is no limitation to what you can spend it on. The money is all yours, but you must choose carefully to use the money wisely. My best answer to this will be to invest it into something worthwhile. If it isn’t large enough to get you a fixed asset, then you can create an investment account and throw it to grow toward your future.

For example, you create an RRSP account and put the money there. The money will count for your next year’s tax deductions. Also, this is a great way to grow your retirement savings.

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Canada RIT Payment

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Other Government Deposits

The major government deposit general to all is the Canada RIT deposit. However, you can get deposits from other government sources.

Depending on your province, age, dependent status, and other situational factors, you can qualify for additional deposits, such as the following:

1.     Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB)

The Ontario Trillium Benefit is only for people who live in Ontario. It gives you money for energy, property and sales tax.

If you are eligible for $350 each year, you will get a big payment from the government in July. If it is less than $360, you will get paid every 3 months.

2.     Canada Pro Deposit (Provincial benefits)

Canada Pro Deposit is only for people who live in Alberta and Ontario. When the money arrives, it will have “Canada PRO” written on it.

Not everyone can use Canada Pro Deposit. To be able to use it, you must meet the four requirements based on where you live and what kind of help from the government you get.

3.     Alberta Child and Family Benefits (ACFB)

Lower and middle-income households in Alberta with children under 18 can receive the Alberta Child and Family Benefit. The benefit is provided by the provincial government through the CRA.

The Alberta Child and Family Benefit is like the Ontario Trillium Benefit. It depends on how much money you make and how many children you have. The most benefit you can get is $5,120 if you have more than four kids and don’t make a lot of money.

4.     Canada FPT

Canada FPT is money from the government. It helps people with different kinds of costs.

  • Canada Child Benefit
  • GST/HST credit (Goods and Services and Harmonized Sales Tax)

This group has some new things. One is the climate action credit from British Columbia. Canada Revenue Agency cra also helps with other, smaller programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Canada RIT deposit?

Canada RIT means Canada Return Income Tax. It is money that the CRA owes you because they found you still had money with them after looking at your last tax return. The CRA will put this money in your bank account or send it to you by mail in a cheque.

What is RIT/RIF in Canada?

Canada RIT and Canada RIF are the same thing when you get money from the government of Canada. The money is put into your bank account directly. RIT or RIF might be written on the deposit, or it might have both words together.

Is My Canada RIT Deposit A Mistake From The CRA?

You don’t know if the money from the CRA is a mistake or not. Log into your “CRA My Account” to check if it’s yours. Look at your “Notice of Assessment (or Notice of Reassessment)” to see if it is true. If it is, you can keep it or use it for investment, but if not, you need to let the CRA know about the mistake.

Is My Canada RIT Taxable?

No, you don’t have to pay taxes on your Canada RIT income. You don’t need to add it when you file your taxes next year. RIT is money that makes sure you do not pay too much or too little taxes.

How Much Can You Get Through The Canada RIT Deposit?

The amount of money you get from Canada RIT Deposit depends on how much tax you owe. If you paid too much tax, you get more money back. This is called a Tax credit and it can give you a large RIT deposit through the Canadian government

If you do not pay taxes or work on your own, you might not get any money from the RIT deposit. Or, you might only get a small amount.

What Is The Small Business Job Credit?

Small companies can get help from Revenue Canada. It is called the Small Business Job Credit. It helps them pay for Employment Insurance premiums. This makes it easier for small businesses to hire people and not have to worry about too much money being taken from them.


The CRA will send you money if they owe you any. This is called the Canada RIT Payment. It’s usually given after your taxes are done. You can use this money however you want, but it might be a good idea to save it for retirement or put it into an investment.

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