Are you looking for the best schools in Calgary? As a parent, it is essential to find the right school for your child’s educational needs.

That’s why we’ve created this list of top 10 topmost and best schools in Calgary – so that you can confidently make an informed decision! By scouring ratings from parents, educators, and teachers, we’ve determined which schools excel at providing quality education and innovative learning experiences.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through various criteria such as academics, pupil-teacher ratio, extracurricular activities, safety protocols & more to help ensure your child receives the best possible experience!

As you and I know, Elementary school is one of the crucial moments of a student’s Academics life, as a parent, we want to make our wards’ future better by making the present count and that’s why knowing and getting top elementary schools is one of the ways to creating a better future for our children.

Calgary’s Educational System

Calgary, being one of the most sought-after cities in the world, has a unique education system. There are Calgary elementary schools, middle, and high school levels. It is home to some of the best schools in Canada, ranging from French Immersion to International Baccalaureate programs.

Calgary is home to the Calgary Board of Education(CBE) which happens to be the largest school district in the whole of Alberta. There are about 245 Calgary schools with around 124,000 enrolled students

In Calgary, most schools receive funding from the government and offer tuition-free education to provincial residents. Private schools are also present but require expensive tuition, which can range from $3,000 to $30,000 annually.

A point to take note of is when you plan to register your ward into any school under the Calgary Board of Education(CBE), the school has no power in the admission of the student instead admission and registration of students are governed by the Education Acts and Administrative regulation 6090

Seun’s Top Pick

Topmost Schools In Calgary

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What are the 10 Best Schools Currently Running in Calgary

So as not to waste much of your dear time, we will move to my Top 10 High Schools in this city. We will look at why you should choose these schools each and also provide you with solid information about them

Yes, and to get more clarity, I have added both public schools and private schools to help you get a better preference for choosing the right school for your child’s academic performance

Now let’s move

1. William Aberhart High School

William Aberhart is a senior High School and also a prestigious public school with a great emphasis on academics and indoor activities. Being a public school, there is no tuition fee charged. The school, which covers 10.2 acres, was constructed in 1957. It boasts 54 classrooms, 2 gymnasiums, a fully equipped Fitness Centre that offers classes and student memberships, a multimedia library resource center, and dedicated spaces for music, drama, and art.

One of the unique features of William Aberhart is its emphasis on athletics, with numerous sports teams available for students to participate in. This great Activity has strengthened the bond between students and teachers thereby creating a low pupil-teacher ratio

The most important aspect I love about this great school is the Challenging aspect, I have always loved to be challenged because that’s my driving force, when I see my mates do great things I just experience a force that pushes me to do better. And that is what William Aberhart students possess

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically and are supported by dedicated teachers who are committed to helping them succeed.

They also offer unique programs such as the International Baccalaureate program that prepares students for a globalized world, the Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) which focuses on developing creativity and analytical skills, and the Homerun program which focuses on developing leadership and teamwork skills.

They carry out Extracurricular activities in the form of:

Clubs; Robotics team, Debate, NASA space club, etc

Athletics; Badminton, soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball, etc

William Aberhart has Enrolled 1283 students and offers grades 10-12

Address: 3009 Morley Trail NW, Calgary2, AB, T2M 4G9


2. Western Canada High School

Western Canada high school is also an excellent school that provides varied educational opportunities for its students, The school believes that every student should be able to acquire a high-quality education that equips them to continue learning throughout their lives as a public institution of education.

The school also boasts a world-class curriculum that includes International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and French Immersion programs. It has been consistently rated one of the top academic schools in Alberta for many years.

Hmmm, Why?

They have grown in capability and capacity since the early 1900s and they have stood their ground by how they prepare students and give profound learning to them, With their Motto being “intelligentia, Vires, Virtus- Knowledge, strength, courage”

There are more than 20 extracurricular activities available to students, clubs like maths club, chess club, etc including robotics and space exploration, music and drama, community service projects, and more.

Western Canada High School has recently been renovated to include a new library commons area with amphitheater-style seating for presentations and lectures. It also boasts a dedicated fitness center to promote healthy habits, a multimedia lab for digital media projects and presentations, and several classrooms equipped with modern technology.

Western Canada High School has Enrolled 2150 students and offers grades 10-12

Address: 641 17 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2S 0B5


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3. Sunalta School

Sunalta School is a public school that provides public education in its elementary and secondary schools and fosters academic excellence among students. With over 100 years of experience, it provides physical education from junior kindergarten up to grade 6

an excellent school that provides quality education to its students. It has a strong academic program and offers various extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams.

The school believes in providing a safe learning environment with a positive atmosphere where every student can thrive. Its motto is “Learn, Grow, and Succeed.”

At Sunalta School, teachers go beyond the curriculum and strive to create meaningful learning experiences for their students. They also encourage a culture of respect, collaboration, and acceptance among all students.

Extracurricular activities available to students like robotics, photography club, music lessons, Badminton, and basketball team, and also a strong fine arts program emphasizing creativity and expression, 

Sunalta School has Enrolled 336 students and offers grades K-6

Address: 536 Sonora Ave SW Calgary, AB, T3C 2J9


4. Master’s Academy and College

Master’s Academy and College has a long-standing history of excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. It is an independent school with a Christian worldview that provides students from grades 5 to 12 with excellent instruction in the foundations of faith, knowledge, character, and service.

Being regarded as a private school, it was established in 1997 to particularly provide physical education as well as offer academic excellence to create lifelong learners who can change the world.

At Masters, students are offered high-quality education and excellent resources to help them reach their academic goals. The teachers strive to instill in the student’s desire for knowledge and equip them with skills vital for life-long success.

As part of its mission to provide profound learning, students are exposed to a wide range of extracurricular activities like chess club, robotics club, choir and band programs, drama and theatre productions, and a variety of sports teams.

Oh, so exciting to have such great programs, especially the choir and band programs. The most exciting is that 90% of their graduated students have been enrolled in the university of their choice

If you are a student, you need to join the family bond program. Your family can buy bonds or donate money to the school. For one child it is $7,000, for two children it is $8,500 and for three or more children it is $10,000. Their Annual Tuition fees for grades 1-12 is $7,850

Master’s Academy and College offers grades k-12

Address: 4414 Crowchild Trail SW Calgary, AB Canada, T2T 5J4


5. Renert School

Renert School is one of the private schools located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was founded in 2013 by Dr. Moshe and Dr. Rinat Renert, They had the vision to establish a school that would offer students a comprehensive education that fosters their cognitive, social, and emotional development. The motto of the school is “Inspiring Lifelong Learning.”

There are around 500 students at Renert School, ranging from kindergarten to grade 12. The ratio of students to teachers is 10:1. This sounds to be good because you’re assured your child will form great relationships with their teachers

It is well-known for its strong academic program, specifically its focus on developing critical thinking skills. In addition, the school also offers a fine arts program consisting of music, drama, and visual arts.

In terms of standardized testing, Renert School’s students consistently perform well on the Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) administered by Alberta Education. The students at Renert School, which is situated in southwest Calgary near the neighborhoods of Signal Hill and West Springs, have scored significantly higher than the provincial average in recent years.

In addition to this, Renert School is known as Calgary’s leading mathematics school with its unwavering commitment to joyful learning and academic rigor in all fields.

To get successfully admitted into the school, you are to fill out an application form, submit some required documents, and also deposit a nonrefundable application fee of $100

Address: 14 Royal Vista Link NW Calgary, Alberta T3R OK4


Seun’s Top Pick

Topmost Schools In Calgary

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6. Sir Winston Churchill Highschool

Named after the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Winston Churchill High School is one of the public schools also located in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded in 19658 and is the largest high school in the city with over 2,307 students enrolled.

The school offers courses from grades 10 to 12 as well as a number of other programs including International Baccalaureate (IB), Advance Placement (AP), and the International Student Program. It provides a wide range of courses in the core disciplines, electives, and special programs such as art, band, drama, language studies, physical education, and technology education.

When it comes to extracurricular activities Sir Winston Churchill High School is well known for its vast variety. Its motto “Non Scholae Sed Vitae” stands for “We learn, not for school, but for life”. They are intentional about preparing their students for the outside world of post-secondary academics.

Address: 5220 Northland Dr. NW Calgary, AB, T2L 2J6


7. Webber Academy

Webber Academy Established in 1996 by Niel Webber is a private school that has a mission of actively encouraging the growth and development of traditional values in students with a focus on academic excellence.

The school offers grades K-12, as well as a pre-kindergarten program for children 4 years old and up. It has an excellent curriculum that combines the best of traditional and modern learning approaches, including project-based learning, technology integration, and critical thinking skills development.

The school has several facilities, including a Kindercentre for four and five-year-old students, a main campus building with two large gymnasiums for Grades 1-12, a modern Senior School Science Centre, a Performing Arts Centre with a 500-seat theatre, a 400-meter running track, a soccer field, and cross country trails through the aspens.

Their Admission process includes A non-refundable $250 application fee and submission of the online application form, transcripts from the last two academic years, test scores (if applicable), teacher/counselor evaluation forms, and an in-person assessment for all applicants to Grades K-8.

Parents and guardians may find the annual tuition fees to be unexpectedly high. With junior kindergarten fees at $18,000 and senior kindergarten to sixth-grade fees at $18,400 per year.

Address: 1515 – 93rd Street, S.W. Calgary, Alberta T3H 4A8

Contact: 403 277 4700

8. Hillhurst Schools

Hillhurst Schools is a public K-6 school located in Northwest Calgary. It was built in 1912 and is the oldest continuously operating school in Alberta.

The school offers academic courses, music programs, and a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs. Hillhurst School is also one of the few schools that offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) in Calgary.

The school’s teachers administrators are committed to providing a and supportive learning environment, with a strong emphasis on respect for all students.

They also emphasize the importance of collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and self-confidence in helping children reach their educational goals.

With around 262 students enrolled, the school offers a program called Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) and also has its motto to be “We are learning for life”. They also have unique clubs like the Photography Club, 3D Printing, Robotics, etc

Address: 1418 7 Ave NW Calgary, AB, T2N 0Z2


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9. Briar Hill Schools

Biar Hill Schools is a Grades 1-6 public school located in Northwest Calgary. It was founded in 1965 and has since grown to serve over 300 students.

The school provides an exceptional educational experience, with a special emphasis on technology, the arts, and physical education.

The staff at Briar Hill are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment where all students can reach their full potential. They foster an atmosphere of respect by encouraging students to become active participants in the school’s culture and community.

The school has exceptional clubs that will really interest a student and also provide students with the knowledge they deserve about different things, they have clubs like;

  • The CCC Club – Cleaning and Caring Club
  • Intramurals
  • Newsletter Club
  • Ukelele club etc

Application to this school is done by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE)


Address: 1233 21 St NW Calgary, AB, T2N 2L8

10. Bearspore Christian School

Bearspore Christian School is a private school that has a strong focus on the learning experience of students and also on character development to help students become responsible citizens.

The school offers a variety of core and elective classes, including arts, technology, physical education, and science courses. Bearspore Christian School also emphasizes faith-based Education in all classes with a focus on Biblical study throughout the curriculum.

Their staff is dedicated to helping each student reach their highest potential through small class sizes and individualized learning plans. The school also encourages students to become active participants in their community through volunteer activities, fundraisers, and other activities.

Being one of the most affordable Christian schools In Calgary, its central purpose is to make school a place for discipleship and Academic achievement. To apply for the school, you will fill out the registration form and also be tested on your knowledge with a fee of $5000 dollars to secure a space for you.

Half of that is refundable while the other half is not, their kindergarten pays $3000 while grades 1-12 pay between $7350 to $8350.

Address: 15001 – 69 Street NW Calgary, AB T3R 1C5


Seun’s Top Pick

Topmost Schools In Calgary

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right school for my child in Calgary?

When choosing the right school for your child in Calgary, it is important to take into consideration a few factors such as the curriculum offered at the school, extracurricular activities available, and most importantly the learning environment that would be suitable for your child.

You can also research different schools online or ask other parents who have children in various schools to hear their points of view. In fact, this is where schools get their recommendation, through the testimonials of their parents.

How does the admission process work for the top schools in Calgary?

The admission process for the top schools in Calgary varies from school to school. Generally, it will involve submitting an application form along with supporting documents such as test scores and transcripts.

Some schools may also require interviews or portfolio presentations. Additionally, many private schools have an admissions fee which must be paid before applying.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available for students at the best schools in Calgary?

Yes, many of the top schools in Calgary offer scholarship programs for students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit or other criteria such as financial need.

Scholarship opportunities may also be available through outside organizations like educational foundations and corporations. For more information, it is important to contact the school directly to inquire about these types of opportunities.

What is the tuition fee for the top schools in Calgary?

The tuition fee for the top schools in Calgary varies depending on the school and program. Generally, private schools tend to have the highest tuition fees than public schools.

Tuition fees can also vary based on the grade level of the student. It is important to contact Individual schools directly for more information about their tuition fees and other associated costs.


Well, folks, we’ve just toured around the Top 10 schools currently in Calgary, definitely you have found this informative and entertaining!

Getting exposed to this well of information will leave you to decide what is best and will be the best for your wards to apply for, remember that while Rankings and statistics are important, they are not everything, Dont forget to visit schools in person, converse with the Admission personnel and experience the school for yourself.

The Best school will be the school you choose for your child, so get clarity on each school so you can choose the best.

In Calgary, the schools prioritize the achievement of students in academics, sports, and the arts. Their dedication to ensuring quality education has led to Calgary being acknowledged as one of Canada’s leading cities for education.

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